About This Blog

There are several interpretations as to what ex debito justiciae exactly means, but a simple online definition provides that it means “of or by reason of an obligation of justice:  as a matter of right“.

I feel under an obligation to share my thoughts and views on matters of Singapore law, issues and policy as an obligation to the continuing development of the profession, the bar and my small contribution to the interpretation of our jurisprudence.

I do not consider myself an intellectual, but I do have an desire to learn and share – a process which has neither start nor end. This blog is the digital projection of that desire.

Most of the material I share here is intended to provide a viewpoint on a particular issue or case, but some of it will be a reproduction of what others have said – and which I think has educational and intellectual value – even if I don’t necessarily agree with the content.

Whilst the focus is primarily on Singapore legal issues, this isn’t the sole purpose of this blog. In my professional capacity I can only advise on matters of Singapore law, but this doesn’t – and shouldn’t – stop me, or anyone else, on having an opinion on matters of foreign law or policy. After all, we cannot live – much less thrive – in a vacuum.

Above all, I write about matters which I personally feel strongly about, even if the subject matter may be considered dry or oft-trodden. It is that personal connection with the material that drives and fuels this endeavour.

In truth, I am nothing but a plodding mediocrity—please observe, a plodding mediocrity—for a mere mediocrity does not go very far, but a plodding one gets quite a distance. There is joy in that success, and a distinction can come from courage, fidelity and industry.”

Benjamin Nathan Cardozo (May 24, 1870 – July 9, 1938), former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America

On a side note, all images which appear in or on this site were captured by the author and are accordingly subject to copyright. No image may be licensed, reproduced, downloaded and/or otherwise used without the author’s express consent.